You Have Options When Selling A House In The Inland Empire!

Learn about the differences between hiring Foster & Foster Realty, working with a limited services agent or selling the house on your own!

When selling your house in The Inland Empire, you should always consider all of the options available to you. What works for one seller, may not work for another. Run the numbers for yourself and determine which way will be the fastest and most lucrative way to go!

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Time To Sell:  At least 20 days faster than if you chose to sell on your own. Studies show selling yourself adds on average 20+ days to the time to sell the house.** Depends on their level of service.
Typical Sales Price: Houses sell for 13% more* when working with a broker 13% less* than when working with an experienced agent Depends on their level of service.
Marketing Costs: $0 – We are full-service. All marketing costs are included. You could spend thousands in listing costs, advertising, signs, open houses and more You will likely need to do your own marketing.
Types Of Marketing Included: MLS listing, signage, featured online listings, open houses and more! None. You will typically only receive an MLS listing.
Time Commitment From You:  You won’t have to do anything. We work on your schedule and handle all the details. Between marketing, showing, reviewing offers, dealing with inspectors, paperwork, title companies, repairs and everything else that goes into selling, it can turn into a full-time job! Depends on the agent, you will likely have to show the house, market and handle negotiations.
Fees / Commissions:  Standard commission and no hidden fees Marketing materials, website listings and all the other costs can add up to thousands Flat fee or reduced commission for reduced services and assistance.
Legal / Contract / Advice:  100% included. We will take care of the negotiations, contracts, setting up escrow and closing, and more! We worry about the details so you can relax. You are responsible for all contracts, escrow, and legal details to ensure the closing happens correctly and legally. Often very limited.

A major point to consider is the value of your time. How much is the house costing you by holding on to it? Selling on your own can take much longer and will statistically bring in less money then if you had hired an agent. Is it really worth it to try to navigate the selling process on your own?  Research shows that a full-service agent with experience like ours, can sell your house faster and for 13% more. This is s why 89% of home sellers work with a local real estate broker like Foster & Foster Realty to help sell their Inland Empire homes!

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Selling Your Inland Empire House Has Never Been This Easy!

As you know, you have many selling options for your Inland Empire house. We want to help you make the best decision for your property and situation. Consider these 3 points when selling your Inland Empire home:

  1. What is selling really going to cost? You might think that by skimping on commissions you will be saving yourself thousands, however, when you are working with the right agent, the price of the commission is nothing compared to what listing on your own would have cost you. When you work with Foster & Foster Realty, you will have true professionals by your side, helping you to navigate the selling process, saving you money and selling your house in the least amount of time possible. We can help you avoid the common pitfalls sellers make when listing on their own.
  2. How long will it take you? How much time do you have to dedicate to selling your home? Most people aren’t able to market and show the house as a dedicated agent would. We all have busy lives and our goal at Foster & Foster Realty is to make the process of selling as quick and simple as possible for you.
  3. Do you have the experience? If you are not living and breathing local real estate the way we do, you might find yourself unable to sell your house for the price you want. We have the tools, resources, and connections to help you sell your house fast and for the best price. The price of our commission will pay for itself.

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** Both the Northwestern and the Stanford studies mentioned in the Money section confirm just that: “The use of a broker does lead to an accelerated sale. In that respect, brokers appear to add value,” the Stanford researchers declared. The Northwestern study found that it takes on average 20 days longer to sell a house on a FSBO site versus the MLS or an agent.